Studying abroad has been a pivotal moment in many young adults’ lives for quite some time now. Between experiencing a new culture, worldly foods and inspiring sceneries, the benefits of studying abroad are endless. For many, the idea of studying abroad is enough motive to pack up their bags and spend a semester in a new country. If you’ve been teetering the idea of pursuing this experience, there are many reasons as to why you should consider studying abroad.

Make Lifelong Friends

By taking part in a study abroad program, you will most likely be paired with young adults from other colleges, perhaps even from different countries. College friendships are said to last a lifetime. Throw in an international experience with a small group of young adults, and you’ll be sure to have lifelong memories you can bond over. You will undoubtedly meet people with even broader backgrounds and life experiences. An added bonus is that you might make friends abroad who would be glad to welcome you back into their home someday if you need a place to stay during a trip.

Explore in Your Spare Time

While studying abroad, you will have some downtime on the weekdays and have availability on your weekends to travel to other regions and countries. Especially for those studying in Europe, flights to other cities or countries can be as cheap as 30 euros! This season of life will be one of endless adventuring and new cultural experiences. You will most likely not have this type of opportunity again in your lifetime, which makes the memories that much more meaningful. As a broke college student, how could you say no to 30 euro flights to Barcelona or Santorini?

Brush Up On Your Language Skills

Depending on what country you study abroad in, chances are you may be able to brush up on your language skills. Whether you have some knowledge of the local lingo before spending a semester there or not, you will undoubtedly learn more of the foreign language while you are there. Being exposed to this daily will heighten your communication skills and your bilingual abilities. While English can still get you by in many countries, trying to speak in a foreign language can be very endearing to the locals, and it will look good on your resume if you have experience of being bilingual.

Ultimately, the benefits of studying abroad are extensive. This experience will be something you remember for the rest of your life, and you never know the friendships and opportunities that could come as a result of this. If you’re in this season of life, take this as a sign to begin looking into studying abroad opportunities your college offers.