Some students are still in hybrid classes even though most have returned to in-person courses. Because of the pandemic’s uncertainty, it’s unclear when or if additional lockdowns will be necessary. To ensure that students are comfortable with remote learning, they must have the necessary skills to take notes. Here are a few tips to help them improve their remote class note-taking.

Investigate How Information Will Be Delivered

You must know how your remote lessons will be conducted to devise effective note-taking techniques. If your classes are presented live, you must be proactive. On the other hand, a reactive approach may be the best option if they will be conducted asynchronously. In both cases, the wrong strategy may result in missing important information. In the latter case, having too much data to sift through may lead to failure.

Try Using Updated Tools

There’s no reason to keep using the same old note-taking tools in today’s digital age. With the ability to add various multimedia elements, such as audio recordings and PDFs, you can easily spice up your notes. For instance, if you’re using software like Otter to make audio recordings or transcribe course materials, you can also import your files into the app to keep them organized.

Break the Lessons Down

The 10-2-2 method allows students to take notes while getting new content. They then review their notes with a partner and then individually. The main advantage of this method is that it allows students to consolidate the lessons into smaller pieces, which can immediately provide them with more reinforcement. It’s hard work, and taking notes can be draining.

Utilize Tech for Reading Intensive Courses

If you’re planning on reading a lot of texts in your coursework, a digital reading device might be a good purchase. Most e-readers have built-in features that allow users to highlight text, sort their notes in various ways, and add notes to their highlights. Some newer models even allow users to write on the device itself. This could make the experience of taking notes much smoother, especially if you’re able to import your notes into a tool used to manage your lectures.


Although it’s not always possible to address every issue a remote student may encounter when taking notes, improving one’s skills can help make the process easier. To ensure that you maximize the retention and effectiveness of your online education, follow these tips and continuously improve your remote note-taking techniques.