Whether a parent is looking to help their child improve grades or catch up from falling behind during the pandemic, many options have popped up online for tutoring. There are so many choices that parents don’t know where to begin. While children learned at home during the lockdown, parents benefited from seeing what kind of learner their child was. Seeing where their weaknesses lie allows parents to assess what type of tutoring is needed.

Understanding Needs

Before deciding on a specific online tutor, the parent must first decide what type of criteria would be most beneficial for their student:

  • Is there a particular subject my child needs assistance with?
  • What is my budget for online tutoring?
  • Is there a particular weekly schedule or timeframe that needs following?
  • Do I prefer a tutor that specializes in working with younger children or teenagers?
  • Does my child require assistance with special needs?
  • Will my child work well with individual or group tutoring sessions?

Whether it is one of the abovementioned standards or others, parents must decide what will work for their child. Earlier this year, Parents.com created a helpful list of the best tutoring services based on select standards.


When researching online tutoring companies, parents have numerous resources to follow. Looking at reviews from other customers gives a preview of the quality of tutoring. Many online tutoring companies offer trial classes at little to no cost to determine if they are a good fit. Some organizations will make an effort to connect students with a local tutor in case the option of in-person tutoring becomes needed as well.

Overall, choosing a fitting online tutor is not a “one size fits all” process. After determining one’s needs, take the time to verify tutor qualifications, assure that the course curriculums and assignments relate to the student’s learning materials, and verify that the tutor can adjust their teaching style to the student. Since technology is involved, it’s vital to class quality to ensure the company has a platform that runs efficiently. Make sure the student is engaged in the lessons, so money is not being wasted. Sometimes, it may take trying a few services to find an appropriate match. There is nothing wrong with that. The crucial thing to remember is that the student who needs assistance is receiving it.